Monday, October 09, 2006

The Weirdest Thing...

I often have to laugh at the movement of God; let me explain...
In 14 years of youth ministry there has been many-an-event that I have poured out blood, sweat and tears (not to mention many, many hours). For the most part those events have turned out nicely, however, a few have been "duds." Most of the time the students let you know if they like the event by voting with their feet (in other words--if they show up).
On the other hand I have had some events that are absolutely the silliest ideas that have turned out to be the best events ever (again, I've had some silly "duds" too).
Of all the "silly" events that make the least amount of sense, but is one of the biggest successes: "The Dick's Roadtrip."
Let me explain the concept/formula:
1. Students arrive and wait in church parking lot for about a half-hour (because we know several will have forgotten a release form).
2. Load up the bus
3. Overflow to the van
4. Second overflow to 2nd van
5. Arrive at Dick's Drive-In on 45th
6. Dick's employees looked shocked, but do a good job of getting us through lines
7. Students enjoy/tolerate the food
8. Everyone gets cold (many from drinking cold drinks/shakes; some from wearing shorts, flip-flops and a t-shirt in mid-October; and yet some--both).
9. Load up vehicles and come back to church
10. Get picked up.

So silly. No time/effort required, Name the date, load the bus, eat, come home. The funniest part-- it is our largest outreach of the year--we had about 8 new students last night! (side-funny note--at least 5-6 people came last night that didn't even eat.)

Praise God for relational ministry. Pray that our senior high students would invite these same friends to the Pizza and Game Night next Sunday at 6:00.

Our Jr. High P&G-N went very well last night too. Perhaps I'll get Nathan to blog an update soon.

We appreciate your prayers!



  • Brian,
    Glad to hear the road-trip went well!
    The breakdown of the night was hilarious. Thanks for giving me details! :)
    I vote for a road trip to a Tacoma spot next!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:20 PM  

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