Monday, October 16, 2006

Seeking Prayer

Will you be faithful in praying for these specific requests?
1. FoYA: We have been blessed by 15-18 different faces; pray that it is truly a place for young adults to connect, grow, re-enter and/or serve (we all come for various reasons).
2. Lifeboats: I can't emphasize enough the desire to have these groups prayed for! This ministry (and the leaders) are the heartbeat of our ministry and it is my hope that we get the opportunity to disciple more and more teens through lifeboats.
3. Nathan Schlaud: If you haven't gotten to know this young man, I hope you take the opportunity to (I'm sure he's open to being asked over for dinner!). I am very excited the Lord led him to us, but we'd be missing the point if we weren't praying for his growth, protection, and development--we're already 1/3 of our way through his time here!
4. Counseling: I am personally dealing with 3 counseling situations. Would you pray for wisdom in how to handle these situations (and for God's provision in matching these student(s)/families with the right people to help).
5. Church: Let's pray for our church, we are over half-way done with our 33 Days, people are understanding stewardship has less to do with $ and more to do with a total-life approach to stewardship. Pray that God would give all of us tangible direction and 100% surrender to what's next.



  • Even tho we arent commenting as much as we did on the mission trips, please be assured that the prayers are still being said.
    God is GOOD!
    Kathy, Kaity, Krissy, & Torie

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:17 PM  

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