Monday, October 16, 2006

Harbor P&G a Success!

We're almost done with our first run on our new format of student ministry. Having done merge, and now the alternating (wave/harbor) pizza/game night and adventure nights we are just a Sunday Night Chapel away from completing our first cycle.

Nathan's blog entry should be up by tomorrow (he'll report on both P&G and Adventure for Wave). But as for the P&G for Harbor:

I think at last count there were about 35 sr. high students that made their way through our doors last night. Before serving our pizza (Costco) I quickly explained the goal of a P&G Night. My hope is that it is the ultimate in "hang out" nights for youth. Stealing a philosophy from the movie Field of Dreams "if you build it, people will come;" I am trusting "if we provide it (pizza/facility), people will come." We'll see if it works (before anyone freaks out and thinks that I am literally trying to steal a philosophy from a worldly movie, it's a Biblical principle as well--feeding of the 5000, feasts and festivals, etc.).

Anyway, the overall night is to be laid back, not a lot of organized "stuff" and more an opportunity to hang out and share life. We ate together, played a group game (2 spots right) and then went upstairs for some semi-impromptu worship. Nathan and Joe led, I asked a couple repsonse questions (good comments from students) and my personal highlight came when I prayed for the group with each one laying hands on one-another. Seemed to be a "Holy Spirit" moment. We then concluded with a large group playing floor hockey together!

I'm excited about the missionaries we have on our campuses, in our clubs and on the athletic fields. Let's pray for them to reach out (and maybe even use P&G's to bring some of those youth into the fold).



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