Sunday, October 29, 2006

FoYA 2.0

The new version of FoYA (FoYA 2.0) is released on Monday, 10.30.06.

After several weeks (and great times with the 3 to 13 that have shown up) we are tweaking a bit. Our hope is to facilitate our needs and their needs. In other words, 9:00 PM is what works best for the Aaby home, but certainly has proven to be pretty late for those driving in. However, earlier in the evening means that we compromise our family time (and bedtime for our girls). So... we're trying to do something on the little-bit-earlier-than-we-think-is-ideal side. FoYA will now begin at 8:15 (with the hope of being done at/before/around 10:00 PM.

Please pray that our girls do well with getting to sleep quickly (around 8:00 PM).
Please pray that we see a few more people try again with the new hour.
Pray for our "Jesus Encounters" series we are beginning.

Thank you to our FoYA folk that helped serve at merge; you did very well!



  • Update, Brian! or, Nathan!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:54 PM  

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