Sunday, October 29, 2006


Sorry it has been a bit since I last posted. Busy times.

Was quite pleased with the overall feel at merge tonight. The meal was fantastic (chili, cornbread and salad/veggies... and who can forget the applecrisp?). Seemed like people had some good conversations around the tables. Lisa Huget thought there were about 90 people served at the meal. I was happy to see some new faces at merge and it seemed as if some stretched themselves and sat with people a little outside their circle.

The merge service was a lot of fun for me. I love hearing how people read Scripture. Sometimes I wish we could go two hours (or more). However, I am commited to keeping it around 75 minutes. I would have loved to have sung even more, but would have loved to have prayed, shared, and invested more into the passages as well. "Engage" was our subject for the night; we talked about how to engage our culture. The overall gist I was hoping we could walk away with is that we each can/should start with what is familiar. Paul (as seen in Acts) would first go to the Synagogues; this is what was familiar to him. After sharing (or attempting to share) with the Jews and converted Gentiles, he would move to marketplaces and other gathering places.

Where is your Synagogue, market place and gathering location? Let's engage in those places.

Anybody on here have a thought or a stirring from merge?



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