Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Apprentice Perspective

Jr. High Pizza & Game Night

Wave had its first Pizza and Game Night on October 8. Overall, it was a great time where the students were able to eat pizza, play games, and just enjoy fellowship with one another. After initially stuffing our faces with pizza, students listened to a quick talk that followed up on the talk from Family First Night the previous week. Then, we played a group game called Tribe Wars, which is a small field game very similar to Capture the Flag. After this, we allowed the students to be on their own and choose from a number of fun activities that included football in the gym, pool, and playing video games up in the youth room. The night really gave the students a chance to relax and have fun with one another, which will hopefully lead them to feel comfortable and excited about inviting their friends to future Pizza and Game Nights.

Jr. High Adventure Night

The first Adventure Night for Wave was something called an Italian Scavenger Hunt. The students broke up into two teams at the church each led by two adult drivers and one adult captain. The students were then asked to find five different items that would be the essentials that they would need for their dinner that evening, which happened to be spaghetti. Bill and Janette Ravander were very gracious to us by hosting us in their home, which was the final destination for the teams and where they made their meals. The night turned out to be a lot of fun for students, who not only were successful in picking up all their items needed for the meal, but also picked up a few other students who hadn’t originally been at the church but joined us for the rest of the evening. I want to send out a big thanks to the four parents that drove the kids around that evening, the other leaders, and to the Ravanders for opening up their home to us.


  • Nathan,
    Thanks for sharing your perspective with us. And I can't believe you are a third of the way through your intership already! WOW! Not sure if that time has gone as quick for you as it has for me, but WOW! Praying and will continue to pray for you. You are working with very precious cargo you know! :)
    Jan A.
    Ps. 23

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