Monday, September 18, 2006


They're back!
Our students are back in school. Clubs are starting back up. New jobs have begun. The family is all-together again.
This means our "at home" mission is in full swing and we need YOUR prayers.
*Pray that those that are on the campus of our public schools would be lovingly bold.
*Pray that those on our Christian/Private school campuses would take a stand for the one that stood (and died) for them in the midst of an oft-calloused commununity.
*Pray that those in homeschool networks would be able to use their walk with the Lord to inspire one another.
*Pray that those involved with sports, dance, karate and other clubs would be able to excel not just at sport, but with witness.
*Pray that those working with non-Christian employees would share the true facts about "wages" (as in "wages of sin") in a Christ-compelling, loving way.
*Pray that those who live with non-Christians in their home would love and respect those non-Believers in such a way that their non-believing relative begins to ask questions.

We're back.
We need prayers.
How can we pray for each other in our at home mission?



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