Thursday, September 28, 2006

Family First--First!

We're just a couple days away from "regular youth group" as we'll soon know it. Actually, we started last week with merge; but merge is a different beast all together (some enjoy an evening at home, some really get in to merge, others are 50-50 on it). Anyway, we're just a couple days from our first meal as a youth program. The first Sunday of the month is entitled "Family First" and we encourage the parents of our youth to come for the evening.
Pray through our evening in advance:
5:00 PM Our meal prep team will be hard at work, the junior class will be serving this week.
6:00 PM Arrival and "hang time" in the MPR/Foyer
6:15 PM Meal served
7:00 PM Upstairs for group interaction and worship (music) set
7:30 PM Parents, Jr. High, Sr. High all go to different areas of the church for the more formal "program" portion
8:15 PM Dismiss

I hope you help get the word out to other students and parents... can't wait to see how we kick-off.

Pray in advance for the next couple weeks as well:
10/8 Pizza and Game night (outreach/evangelistic message at Wave); Adventure Night (lifestyle evangelism, community building) at Harbor (Dick's Road Trip).
10/15 Pizza and Game night at Harbor; Adventure Night (Italian Scavenger Hunt/Dinner) for Wave.

Last, I hope you're doing well with 33 Days, you can keep up with that blog as well: www.33minutes.blogspot.com



  • Looking forward to it, I hope Josh will invite us. That it won't need to be the other way around.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:33 PM  

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