Monday, September 18, 2006

Boot Camp in Review

Boot Camp 2006 has come and gone... so much to process.

Overall: A wonderful experience; food was great (thank you Heiders and Hugets); Speaking fantastic (Jeramy Clark presented the truth so well); weather held up (only rained at night); boating (thank you Scotts), Ropes and Wall (thank you Boy Scouts) were challenging and fun; students (thank you students) had great attitudes and participated well.

Specific things I am now thinking about.
Outreach: There were 60 students at camp, almost exactly the same number as last year. Last year the students only had a day or two on their campus to reach out, this year nearly 2 weeks. Of the 60, only 46 were students connected to Boulevard. The other 14 students were students that Ryan and Amber Larson (from Boy Scouts) were able to bring. Therefore, I am questioning the timing of the camp and also whether a camp is where we should concentrate our efforts? I am NOT AT ALL down about the camp, God is in control and knew exactly who would be there; however, I want to put our efforts toward the things that are most valuable; perhaps a later in the year camp would be better timing?
Location: The blessing of Camp Pigott is the wall, lake and ropes (dining room is pretty good too). However we had less people using those elements this year. The biggest plus is the cost. We are able to use Pigott for about 50% the cost of a catered camp (i.e. "Lake Retreat," "Black Lake," etc.). However, sleeping facilities are not nice, plus we had a strange encounter with a mouse!

Anyway, just a few of my immediate thoughts.
Can't wait to follow up with these students, there were a good number that made commitments and re-commitments to Christ! Praise the Lord and pray for these students!



  • Hey Brian,
    Thanks for the update!

    I am praying for FoYA! Hope the first meeting went well.

    Boot Camp: If you desire for new school friends to be brought, three days (the other 5 days were after the forms were to be turned in) isn't enough time. Alex definitely didn't have time to meet anyone to invite from her high school. Pushing the camp back though makes the weather even iffier (very proper English). If you did Boot Camp later, then you would have to have a more weather-proof camp.

    Sorry I don't have the answers...
    I do know that Alex had a great time - especially in the trees. Oh, and we got Tecnu on the poison oak in time that it hasn't spread and it only hit the rash stage and nothing worse!

    We are so thankful for BPPC! It sures makes looking for a church down here very hard.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:24 PM  

  • Cost is an issue too. This time of year with all of the start up costs of school, is not the best time for spur of the moment $55 dollars output. I understand $55 dollars is inexpensive for what they get, however that doesn't make any difference. $55 dollars this time of year is $55.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:07 PM  

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