Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Ability To Say "No"

The title of this post is something you can pray that I gain...

I have just completed the craziest time of ministry that I can ever remember. Having come off of the summer (missions, wave campout, bus caravan, discipleship series, summer events, staff training dinners, senior thing and a few family things) I hit the fall full-speed ahead with Boot Camp, leading 33 Days, preaching 3 out of 7 weeks, teaching Sunday School, counseling, starting FoYA and speaking at a church camp for another youth group.

I was privileged to have my buddy Jeramy Clark and friend/former intern (and current associate for Jeramy) Shane Branecky in town for Boot Camp. On Sunday evening (after Boot Camp) both of these guys were able to "speak into my life" and lovingly warn me about how crazy my schedule seemed.
Jeramy: "You aren't even taking a day off after boot camp?"

I appreciate the prayers that have helped sustain me and my family. In no way am I trying to whine, I hope it is more of an encouragement to all of us to (a) have accountability, (b) take the freedom to say "no" to good things (as well as bad), and (c) recruit faithful prayer partners (like you!).

Keep those prayers flowing!



  • Is the question really a deeper one? Yeah, your schedule is crazy.
    But, maybe the question is why?
    It's a big one with a lot of possible answers. But, what is at the root of your busyness and who's stuff is what?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:15 AM  

  • Dude -

    Let me just encourage you! "Good is the enemy of Best."

    And you don't need me to remind you that you don't have to do everything by yourself. Invest in your staff!

    Here's a good quote to ponder: "The secret of concentration is elmination." Dr Howard Hendricks

    Andy Stanley has a chapter in his book on leadership called: "You are Doing Too Much!" He says the two best-kept secrets of leadership are:
    1) The less you do, the more you accomplish.
    2) The less you do, the more you enable others to accomplish.

    He makes a great pooint when he suggests: ONLY DO WHAT ONLY YOU CAN DO!

    I love you man and I'll be praying for you as you wrestle through this!

    By Blogger DaveDV, at 5:23 PM  

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