Thursday, September 28, 2006

Family First--First!

We're just a couple days away from "regular youth group" as we'll soon know it. Actually, we started last week with merge; but merge is a different beast all together (some enjoy an evening at home, some really get in to merge, others are 50-50 on it). Anyway, we're just a couple days from our first meal as a youth program. The first Sunday of the month is entitled "Family First" and we encourage the parents of our youth to come for the evening.
Pray through our evening in advance:
5:00 PM Our meal prep team will be hard at work, the junior class will be serving this week.
6:00 PM Arrival and "hang time" in the MPR/Foyer
6:15 PM Meal served
7:00 PM Upstairs for group interaction and worship (music) set
7:30 PM Parents, Jr. High, Sr. High all go to different areas of the church for the more formal "program" portion
8:15 PM Dismiss

I hope you help get the word out to other students and parents... can't wait to see how we kick-off.

Pray in advance for the next couple weeks as well:
10/8 Pizza and Game night (outreach/evangelistic message at Wave); Adventure Night (lifestyle evangelism, community building) at Harbor (Dick's Road Trip).
10/15 Pizza and Game night at Harbor; Adventure Night (Italian Scavenger Hunt/Dinner) for Wave.

Last, I hope you're doing well with 33 Days, you can keep up with that blog as well: www.33minutes.blogspot.com


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

merge "free"

"Best one yet" was what Marc Gronholz said.
"That was powerful" was another comment I heard.
"2 Thumbs up" from Siskel and Ebert... er... ok, not the last one.

merge kicked off on Sunday (9.24) with the theme, "free." We explored, discussed and discovered the wonder of being free because of God's grace.

The Huget's (and FoYA) served a great Taco Salad meal to about 80 people before merge began at 7:00.
I hope that merge is something that you put on your radar; it seems we are beginning to really build a community feel at merge and I hope you can contribute to that community.

One prayer request for merge is that the community meal becomes some-what of an outreach. My hope is that through relationship our folk begin to use merge and the meal as and entry and/or re-entry to the church.

For those that attended, what did you experience on Sunday at merge? What was a highlight, take-home or "spur" you recall?


From the FoYA field...

I'm excited to report that the first two weeks of FoYA have gone really well!

Last Monday (9.18) we started FoYA and had 6 guests in our house. A few of them are former students of ours from First EPC in Renton and the others are from Boulevard. We took time for each to share a few minutes of our story (including passions, career/school path and what we hope for in young adult fellowship). After sharing I through out the challenge for us to take a few weeks to discuss "church" (perceptions and misperceptions).

Yesterday (9.25) we had 11 young adults attend FoYA (8 brand new). We allowed those that were new to share a bit about their life and then began our discussion about the church (not the local body, but the state of the American church). A nooma video entitled, "Sunday" helped spark the conversation. We now represent 3 different congregations and a few non-church goers (exciting stuff)! Be praying for this initial discussion trail (great time last night).

Thanks for your prayers!

One thing that really excites me is that a couple of the young adults have indicated that they see FoYA as their opportunity to re-enter the church community!


The Ability To Say "No"

The title of this post is something you can pray that I gain...

I have just completed the craziest time of ministry that I can ever remember. Having come off of the summer (missions, wave campout, bus caravan, discipleship series, summer events, staff training dinners, senior thing and a few family things) I hit the fall full-speed ahead with Boot Camp, leading 33 Days, preaching 3 out of 7 weeks, teaching Sunday School, counseling, starting FoYA and speaking at a church camp for another youth group.

I was privileged to have my buddy Jeramy Clark and friend/former intern (and current associate for Jeramy) Shane Branecky in town for Boot Camp. On Sunday evening (after Boot Camp) both of these guys were able to "speak into my life" and lovingly warn me about how crazy my schedule seemed.
Jeramy: "You aren't even taking a day off after boot camp?"

I appreciate the prayers that have helped sustain me and my family. In no way am I trying to whine, I hope it is more of an encouragement to all of us to (a) have accountability, (b) take the freedom to say "no" to good things (as well as bad), and (c) recruit faithful prayer partners (like you!).

Keep those prayers flowing!


Monday, September 18, 2006


FoYA (Fellowship fo Young Adults, 18-mid 20's) starts tonight!
Pray for some young adults to show up!
Pray for great fellowship and a foundation for some growth to come!


Boot Camp in Review

Boot Camp 2006 has come and gone... so much to process.

Overall: A wonderful experience; food was great (thank you Heiders and Hugets); Speaking fantastic (Jeramy Clark presented the truth so well); weather held up (only rained at night); boating (thank you Scotts), Ropes and Wall (thank you Boy Scouts) were challenging and fun; students (thank you students) had great attitudes and participated well.

Specific things I am now thinking about.
Outreach: There were 60 students at camp, almost exactly the same number as last year. Last year the students only had a day or two on their campus to reach out, this year nearly 2 weeks. Of the 60, only 46 were students connected to Boulevard. The other 14 students were students that Ryan and Amber Larson (from Boy Scouts) were able to bring. Therefore, I am questioning the timing of the camp and also whether a camp is where we should concentrate our efforts? I am NOT AT ALL down about the camp, God is in control and knew exactly who would be there; however, I want to put our efforts toward the things that are most valuable; perhaps a later in the year camp would be better timing?
Location: The blessing of Camp Pigott is the wall, lake and ropes (dining room is pretty good too). However we had less people using those elements this year. The biggest plus is the cost. We are able to use Pigott for about 50% the cost of a catered camp (i.e. "Lake Retreat," "Black Lake," etc.). However, sleeping facilities are not nice, plus we had a strange encounter with a mouse!

Anyway, just a few of my immediate thoughts.
Can't wait to follow up with these students, there were a good number that made commitments and re-commitments to Christ! Praise the Lord and pray for these students!



They're back!
Our students are back in school. Clubs are starting back up. New jobs have begun. The family is all-together again.
This means our "at home" mission is in full swing and we need YOUR prayers.
*Pray that those that are on the campus of our public schools would be lovingly bold.
*Pray that those on our Christian/Private school campuses would take a stand for the one that stood (and died) for them in the midst of an oft-calloused commununity.
*Pray that those in homeschool networks would be able to use their walk with the Lord to inspire one another.
*Pray that those involved with sports, dance, karate and other clubs would be able to excel not just at sport, but with witness.
*Pray that those working with non-Christian employees would share the true facts about "wages" (as in "wages of sin") in a Christ-compelling, loving way.
*Pray that those who live with non-Christians in their home would love and respect those non-Believers in such a way that their non-believing relative begins to ask questions.

We're back.
We need prayers.
How can we pray for each other in our at home mission?


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Renewed Commitment to Recruitment!

Calling All Pray-ers!

In this time of silence (between summer and fall) it is my hope that we can recruit (and remind) people for the purpose of harbor-wave (FoYA) prayer. In about one week we kick-off our Sunday School ministry for the year, in less than two weeks we'll be experiencing Boot Camp 2006, the day after Boot Camp we start Fellowship of Young Adults (FoYA), just a few short days later we'll be starting lifeboats; three weeks from now will be our first merge and then just one week later our first "Family First Night!" Lot's to be praying about (this isn't even mentioning all the one-on-ones, leader training times, Adventure Nights, Pizza and Game Nights and other calendar planning--oh wait, I guess I did just mention these things).

Will you do me a favor... remind those that we know have been praying to get back on here and start praying again (perhaps you are on, just not commenting?). Will you also recruit? Send out emails with this link (www.harbor-wave.blogspot.com), call a friend/family member and say "don't forget to pray for our students"

Thanks so much! We covet your prayers and I trust you covet praying--may it increase all of our faith walks!


P.S. Updates are slowly but surely happening at www.bppc.org, check it out.