Monday, August 28, 2006

A Sweet "Thing"

The Senior Thing is complete, and it was a great retreat (no, I'm not trying to rhyme, at least not all the time).
Seriously, one of the best Senior Things I have had yet. The weekend was titled "on the move."

It was a mystery retreat, the students did not know where they were going. On Friday evening at the church they received a clue that led them to the North Bend Taco Time. Upon arrival they were to look for the next clue. This clue told them to eat a fast food meal and then with the clues they were led to Lake Kachess (just over Snoqualmie Pass). The group arrived at about 7:40.

The retreat was divided by four main "sessions." The first three sessions each had an Initiative Game. These are team building/problem solving games. The games woud conclude with a debriefing/Bible Study session. Friday nights session helped us to understand a sense of what it is like to be alone (the positives and the negatives). We concluded the evening with s'mores, great fireside conversations and falling asleep to the sounds of Gale Creek.

Saturday started with a great breakfast and another session. This session helped us to understand working together (1 Cor. 12). After the morning session we left camp and headed up to a waterfall area (complete with some "safe" cliff jumping areas). We had fun watching each other jump into very cold water. We also had lunch at this location.

To conclude the water area the seniors were given their next clues... Get to I-90, phone a friend with internet, look up a website, get the secret number code and find the address. The address just happened to be my parents home. My mom and dad were gone and gave me the ok to have the second part of the retreat at their house. Upon arrival we split into Guys and Gals lifeboats. The guys played my favorite frisbee golf course (you'll have to ask them who won) and then they headed to Randy Kent's house for cleaning up for the evening. The gals took off for Starbucks and then my house where my girls hosted their clean-up. I secretly stayed at my parents and cooked an Italian dinner for all of us to enjoy on their deck.

The evening was filled with great conversation, sharp looking students and staff (we dressed up) and another initiative in which the group had to work together (and they did). We also had some time around a campfire sharing some very encouraging words for one another!

The final session (Sunday morning) put the exclamation point on the weekend. I broke the group into two groups (mixed genders). They were assigned to go to a different church. Half the group went to Maple Valley Presbyterian and the other half to Lake Sawyer Christian Church. I had two goals in mind:
1. Some of these students will be looking for a church of their own if they leave the area (for college/career) in the years to come. I hoped they would begin to see the differences in styles, doctrine, etc.
2. I wanted them to feel the potential awkwardness of being "new." This would help open their eyes as to what a stranger might feel at Boulevard and/or The Harbor.
The groups arrived and they were then divided into smaller segments, two of our students (Nate and Lynne) even went to church by themselves (they didn't walk in as a group). The others were in pairs or a triplet.

We gathered together to conclude the weekend at lunch. Qdoba served up some great food and the students/staff served up great conversation about the church services. We talked about the differences, how they were/weren't welcomed, what we can do in our settings and a lot more!

We have a great group of seniors. They NEED our prayers! Are you praying?



  • Wow! What a great recap, thanks, Brian.
    I am so thankful that God is providing these seniors such a strong foundation. Because of this, they have a heavy (God can make it light!)responsibility to reach out to this hurting world and minister to others as Christ would.
    What excuses can they have that will exempt them from this? None. They are in a position to know what God requires of them, what His will is and I pray they will follow His will this year and beyond!
    Great idea with the church visits. Being the new person in a church can be really uncomfortable!! (Okay, I am sort of enjoying it, but other members of my family would rather not have to go through the experience!)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:21 AM  

  • Yes.

    Jan A.
    Ps. 23

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:14 PM  

  • It's funny - I think I remember to pray and then I forget - it's okay to be reminded often. God can do so much through our youth. Our kids are maturing and it's an amazing thing to see! Thanks for your leadership Brian.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:39 PM  

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