Friday, August 25, 2006

Senior Thing

Several years back I had the idea of having a short retreat for the seniors-to-be. This retreat was to be held at the beginning (or just before) the students senior year. I had a hard time coming up with a name... "Senior Trip" seems to be an end-of-the-year celebration; "Retreat" is just used way to often; it isn't necessarily a "camp" so I don't want to use that title, so... "The Senior Thing" was born. Not very descriptive, but it works.

Anyway, that's what's happening this weekend. The weekend is titled "On The Move." For our students it is a mystery retreat. They don't know where they are going, and won't know until they figure out how to get there (they'll receive clues). Should be a lot of fun.

I use this retreat to begin to think through the year and the role a senior will play at our church and in our ministry. Please pray for the class of 2007. I really look forward to seeing how they will be used for the Lord!

**I have posted the Boot Camp flyers on www.bppc.org. Check out the changes to the website, slowly but surely I am trying to bring that site up to speed.



  • Seniors, have a great time this weekend!
    Thanks for getting the boot camp flyers on the website Brian!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:08 AM  

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